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Eye Treatments

When it comes to beauty regimes, the eyes are often overlooked, but simple treatments like an eyelash tint or an eyebrow shape/tint can enhance the appearance of your face.

Eyebrow tinting subtly changes the colour of your eyebrows, adding the illusion of thickness and dimension – the closest thing to the permanent make-up for the brows and lashes. And brow-shaping treatments can add to a polished and youthful appearance. Incorporating a simple regime to look after this delicate area of the face will pay dividends.

A consultation with Mee will give you the chance to consider what works best for you. Shaping the brows is a great opportunity to give contour to your face and a specialist will ensure that your brow shape suits your individual look. A common mistake is to remove too much eyebrow hair, resulting in thin shapes above the eye, which can look ageing and unflattering. Instead, Mee aims to give your brows a natural look that is subtly shaped, polished and sophisticated. Likewise, her tints will give eyebrows and lashes definition and style.

Eyebrow and lash tinting will last for some weeks, enabling you to simplify your beauty regime. Likewise an eyebrow shape can last for up to three to four weeks.