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Dermalogica Price List

Any cancellation less than 24 hours notice will charge a 50% cancellation fees on the treatment price.

Dermalogica Facial


Dermalogica Mini Facial

30 mins


Dermalogica Facial

1 hour


Dermalogica Facial & Back Massage

75 mins


Dermalogica Age Smart Eye Rescue

30 mins – Designed to firm, tone the eye area. This treatment helps diminish fine lines, reduce puffiness and soothe irritated tired eyes


Dermalogica Age Smart Facial

75 mins – This treatment is designed to specifically treat and control skin aging, premature aging, signs of photoaging and sun damage skin. This treatment helps to firm, smooth, nourish, regenerate, energize and promote healthier skin


Dermalogica MediBac Clearing Facial

75 mins – This treatment is the ultimate in acne management. It targets current breakouts while helping to prevent future breakout activity and promote healthy, consistently clear skin


Micro Zone MediBac Clearing Facial

35 mins – This treatment is target on area of congestion and breakouts. It is good for client who has no time for an hour treatment but want a quick, targeted solution to an immediate skin care concern. It helps to prevent future breakouts activity and promote healthy, consistently clear skin


Dermalogica ChromaWhite Facial

75 mins – This treatment helps to exfoliate dulling surface debris to improve surface clarity, helping to minimize the appearance of sun and age spots. It also regulates pigment production on the cellular level and provides all-over brightening and tonal balance

Dermalogica Body Treatment


ChromaWhite Hand Treatment

20 mins – This treatment addresses hyperpigmentation and signs of premature aging on the hands. Its help to prevent discolouration and accelerate brightening, smooth fine dryness lines and defend against further assaults that trigger pigmentation


Purifying Back Treatment

30 mins


Body Foliation Therapy

30 mins – Gentle, customised exfoliation that smoothes and brightens skin helps reduce the appearance of sun spots and hyperpigmentation


Power Recovery Therapy

75 mins – An intense wrap therapy dedicated to feeding skin with the nourishment, it craves for optimal health. Good for dry, premature aging skin, sensitive and irritated skin


Body Therapy Hydo Wrap

75 mins – An aloe vera gel-based body pack that hydrates and nourishes while soothing and relaxing the body


Nourishing Sea Mud Therapy

75 mins – Cleansing and detoxifying treatment. Stimulate circulation while smoothing skin and promotes all over toning


Deep Thermal Therapy with Thermal Stamp

90mins – This treatment utilises a unique fabric stamp filled with skin benefiting ingredients and the power of heat to detoxify, re-mineralise, de-stress, exfoliate and relax the body